Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review -Jonathan Montoya’s Stacking Ecosystem

Daniel Madu
5 min readAug 4, 2021

The affiliate stacking ecosystem is an ultimately proven system by Jonathan Montoya. It shows step by step how you can leave your 9 to 5 job while following the exact model Mr. Montoya used to achieve this within 9 months.

Everything changed for him when he left the old affiliate marketing model and focused on building the new ecosystem, and went full-time into the affiliate marketing business which is how he built a 6 figure per month online business.

This has helped him achieve financial and time freedom and he is now focused on showing people how to start their passive income business absolutely from scratch and start their journey of leaving their 9 to 5.

Heart Of The Matter

The outdated way of doing affiliate marketing is gradually becoming less and less effective and harder to be successful because more and more people are using this and doing the same thing. That does not mean it does not work but that system won’t give the time and freedom to build a lifetime business.

Have you ever felt like you are stuck in this rut of working a job you absolutely have no passion for like you’re in this vicious cycle? You get up every day, get ready, and drive two hours to work, you do mindless tasks for eight to ten hours a day and then drive another two hours in vicious traffic only to get home tired, exhausted, and unaccomplished with no passion to go to work the next day. The only reason you do this over and over again is that you have bills to pay and don’t have any desire to work a nine-to-five job besides providing for your family. If you are looking for alternative ways to make money, especially money made from working at home then you need to pay close attention to this.

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Reasons Why You Need This

  1. It lasts forever. If you build this business the right way it will eventually pay you for life and give you real passive income and at the same time, it will stand the test of time. You don’t have to worry about the business dying because you have built an ecosystem that will sustain any part of the business.
  2. This gives you diversity. You have the ability to promote multiple products in the right way without hurting your business, and integrity and at the same time help your customers get the results they want with multiple streams of income every month.
  3. Gives real freedom and fulfillment. You will create a life of passion, freedom, and fulfillment by leveraging the internet and building your business the right way. You never have to create your own products and this is how you create passive income. How would it feel to wake up every single day knowing full well you don’t have to do anything you are not passionate about? How would it feel to do what you want to do when you want to do it? The internet gives you the leverage to achieve generational wealth but you have to learn to use it effectively. This could be a game-changer for you and your family to accelerate your freedom.

A Brief Look At The Outdated Method

Thousands of people wanting to leave their jobs from all around the world have already transformed their lives with affiliate marketing and achieved financial freedom but more importantly time freedom from their 9–5 jobs. Becoming an affiliate is among the easiest and fastest ways to achieve this with freedom breakthrough 3.0.

A lot of people are thinking of quitting their 9–5 jobs because of the huge financial burden they are suffering from working such long hours but for most of them, their monthly salary is not enough to even cover their daily expenses. However, with affiliate marketing, your expenses are only limited by the amount of time you are willing to devote to the business. To become an affiliate, you only need a laptop and an internet connection plus the drive to achieve results.

The first step is to find out what is needed to succeed. Then you need to understand what is the need and how to provide people with what they need. Then you can promote what works and throw away what does not work. Once you know what works and what does not work you can focus on what works.

An affiliate need not even own the products to promote them, but they need a website to do that. Most of the products which are promoted by affiliates are digital products that can be immediately downloaded once a customer makes a purchase.

You can use article marketing, forum marketing, search engine marketing, and blogging to promote products. However, in my opinion, Affiliate marketing is the best way to promote products because of the simplicity of using the tools at your disposal. This can be done by one or even two people and if done right, you will see massive success in a short period of time. I am sure that you have seen posts where people boast about the earnings they have made and how many clicks their site gets.

The old way of doing affiliate marketing still works and will always work. But it has become less and less ineffective because there are more people who are doing the same thing and it’s becoming harder. As you can see this outdated method still works but why not upgrade to the new norm that is still underground which can create generational wealth.

In Conclusion

Right now is the best time to get educated about this. Thousands of people wanting to leave their jobs from all around the world have already transformed their lives with this method and achieved financial freedom but more importantly time freedom. People wanting to leave their jobs are slowly starting to catch up and realize that the old way of affiliate marketing doesn’t work anymore and that this new ecosystem is the future.

In this ecosystem, you will learn exactly how to achieve financial freedom by getting high ticket sales extremely fast but more importantly, you will learn to set your business on autopilot for the long term. To learn more check out my comprehensive review at

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